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Malaga Maps

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Costa del Sol Map

Malaga Map

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Malaga Map

There are various streetmaps available of Malaga centre, easy to use to get round in Malaga and don´t miss any of the monuments, shops and interesting buildings.

» Map provided by Malaga Tour (printable pdf)

» Street map of Malaga provided by the Town Hall of Malaga

»  Walking tour provided by the town hall of Malaga

Ways of transport to Malaga Centre

  • BY BUS: from Malaga Airport there is a busline which brings you in 15 minutes to Malaga centre. You will have to take bus line 75 from Terminal 3 at Malaga Airport

  • BY TRAIN: from Malaga Airport there is a connection by train which will bring you to Malaga centre in 12 minutes (approx)

  • BY TAXI: you can book a taxi with us for a fixed price of €28 for 4 people from Malaga Airport tot Malaga centre.

How to get to Malaga centre and where to park

In case you have rented a car and you want to go to Malaga, you can get there by the A7 Motorway, the easiest way is to take the Avenida de Andalucia, which will take you straight to Malaga centre.

You can park in the Alcazaba underground car park or in the Larios car park, both parking garages will give you an easy access to the Malaga town centre and the historical monuments.

Calle Larios is the famous shopping street of Malaga, the Alcazaba, the cathedral, the museum of Picasso, are just a few examples of places to visit in Malaga.

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