Malaga weather

Malaga Weather

The Costa del Sol and Malaga has one of the world's best climates and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Most of the Costa del Sol enjoys much the same pleasant climate, although there are slight local variations.

Hot Summers

Sunbathing in Malaga is possible almost every day from June to September. Virtually no rain. The Malaga weather includes daily highs about 35º C and nightly lows 15º C. T-shirt weather all the time, evenings included.

Mild Winters

Mixture of beautiful clear, sunny winter days with overcast but warm days. Evenings noticeably cooler.

First rains are late September or early October, can be heavy rarely last more than a day or two. Daily highs about 20º C and nightly lows rarely much below 10º C. Pullover in the day, jacket in the evening.

The western side of the coast is generally cooler in summer than the rest of the region because it's fanned by Atlantic breezes, which don't reach the rest of the coast.

All areas claim to have the best climate and many also claim a particular microclimate, but it's generally agreed by the experts that Torrox has the best climate of Europe.

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The weather of Malaga

Malaga has mild weather during the whole year. The subtropical Mediterranean climate thanks to its position on the Mediterranean Sea with an average yearly temperature of 18°C. There is hardly any frost or ice in the winter and the city only has an average of 43 days of rainfall per year. It normally doesn´t or barely rains in the months of June, July and August. Even in December you can enjoy the sun with temperatures reaching 20°C.

Weather forecast

On the lefthand side of this page you will find a weeks forecast of the weather in Malaga.

There are a lot of weather sites where you can view the forecast of Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

A few examples are:

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