Malaga Taxi

Malaga Taxi

With so many fish in the sea, which Malaga taxi company is better, more reliable, friendly and has good prices?

You have came to the right address.

Advantages of booking with Malaga Taxi:

  • Cheap fares
  • No waiting time
  • Multilingual drivers
  • Insured and new vehicles
  • Friendly drivers, without morning moods!
  • 24hrs service
  • Fixed prices, no airport supplements

Malaga Taxi and other taxi companies

Malaga Taxi in contrast to other taxi companies does not charge airport supplements, or any other supplements as supplements for waiting time etc. Our taxi driver will wait for you even is you flight is delayed at no extra charge.

Our prices are per destination and not per kilometre, which means that it does not mather where your destination is located in a town, you will only have to pay the fixed cost to the specific town.

Our company offers a taxi service from Malaga Airport, for both individuals and groups, with the accent on a courteous and thoroughly professional personal service at affordable prices.

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